How Do Skill Based Slots Work

How Do Skill Based Slots Work

Slots are known to use what is referred to as random number generators (RNG.) This means that the game is entirely random, and no matter what action the player takes the outcome will always be the same. Most players are comfortable with this system, and refer to playing an RNG slot simply as going head to head with Lady Luck.

But a new wave of slots are doing away with RNG, and officially turning slot games into a skill based system. At least to some extent. This means that a player who practices, and gains skill at a particular game, will have more of a chance of winning. Or at least, more of a chance of taking home a bigger payout.

As it stands, skill based slots are still a growing branch of online casinos, and therefore aren’t as popular, or readily available, as their luck based counterparts. Even still, skill based slots are gradually gaining popularity.

Choose Your Challenge

Luck based slots generally have what is referred to as a base game, and a bonus game. During the base game the player will generally aim to match a certain combination, which will in turn trigger a bonus game. During the bonus game, which may consist of something such as 10 Free Spins, or some other such bonus system, big wins are quickly racked up. Depending on luck, of course, a bonus game will be what makes the slot worth playing in the first place.

In comparison, skill based slot games will offer the option to either take the standard bonus, such as 10 Free Spins, or to enter into a skill based mini-game. The mini-game may include racing, for example, with the position in which the player finishes determining the bonus payout.

Interesting Angles And RTP

The interesting aspect is in skill based slots, first and foremost, that a player must play enough to trigger the bonus game, in order to even practice the mini-game. Hence, getting skilled at the mini-game will take a certain amount of time and dedication. This in turn means that a great deal of the base game will have to be played in order to become competent at the skill based aspect in the first place.

It should also be noted that skill based games don’t offer any guaranteed profits. RNG games are specifically designed around at least some money being returned to the player, over a given period of time. This aspect of a slot is referred to as the RTP, return to player, and is openly stated as a percentage. The majority of RNG slots have an RTP of at least 95%, with some having an RTP as high as 97%. Skill based slots, on the other hand, do not have a stated RTP if you choose to tackle the skill based variations.

As it stands, skill based slots are still evolving, and still gradually becoming more accepted at casinos. Where they go, and how they adapt to player demands, still remains to be seen.

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