Jacks or Better video poker is available online. It can be played for real money or you can practice the game with free money wagers. This game is a standard video poker variant. There are a few releases by a variety of developers. These versions feature the same base rules but they differ in their wager limits and their pay tables.

Jacks or Better video poker is a simple and fun video poker game. It is a great way to just sit back and play a few hands. You aren’t competing with other players or facing off against a dealer, you are simply playing against the deck in your attempt to get the best possible poker hand.

The Rules Of The Game

Jacks or Better video poker follows the same rules as other video poker games. The main variation is that the minimum hand required to play consists of at least a pair of Jacks. In order to do this, you start the game with 5 cards dealt to you.

Of these 5 cards you can discard as many as you wish and receive new cards in the amount of the number you discarded. To keep cards simply click on the ones you want to keep, and then click on the hold button.

Jacks or Better video poker has the same wagering and the same hand rank as standard video poker.

The Epic Auto Play Feature

Jacks or Better video poker allows players to setup some automatically played games. You can adjust what wager is to be placed each hand and how many hands are played.

The greatest benefit of this is that on Auto play, the computer automatically makes the best decisions for each hand. There is a set protocol for what you must do with what hand in each situation. Setting up the auto play function may actually improve your game, at least statistically speaking, so you have a good chance to win, just like when you play the most popular on offer these days.

Possible Hands

Jacks Or Better video poker features standard poker hands. The pay out of each possible hand is determined by the odds of drawing that specific combination of cards. The odds vary slightly between different versions of Jacks or Better video poker.

Hand ranking start with a pair of jacks, then two pair, three of a kind, straight, a flush, Full house, four of a kind, Straight flush and finally the Royal Flush. Some Jacks or Better video poker games offer jackpot prizes of 4000 times your wager for a Royal Flush.

The Double Feature

Jacks or Better video poker allows you potentially double your wins. After any win payout is received you can click on the Double button.

This takes you to a new screen where you must successfully reveal a card that is of higher value than a card drawn by the dealer. You get a choice of 4 face down cards to choose from. Guess correctly and your win will be doubled.