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4 Common Myths About Slot Machines

The slot machine is one of the modern world’s greatest success stories. Starting with humble beginnings as no more than a means of entertainment during the start of the 1900s, the idea of a randomised chance of winning prizes caught on quickly.

Slots exploded in popularity, and made its way firstly around the United States before becoming a major league player once it became international. Today, there are millions of slot machines around the world, and hundreds of thousands of their digital counterparts that can be found online. Continue reading

Take a Look at Barcrest Software’s Lucky 5 Reeler Slot

Creatively conceptualised and developed by UK-based Barcrest Software developers, the Lucky 5 Reeler slot game delivers all the in-game features, solid gameplay and standard setups associated with this developer, but with an added twist.

The twist in the slot game occurs when a player presses the spin button and the reels not only spin once, as found in average slot machines, but five times in one go. In this game, the reel spin five times simultaneously without stopping. If a player hits a winning combination on one spin, this win is locked in until the remaining spins are completed, with the total winnings awarded at the end of the five spins. Continue reading

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