Creatively conceptualised and developed by UK-based Barcrest Software developers, the Lucky 5 Reeler slot game delivers all the in-game features, solid gameplay and standard setups associated with this developer, but with an added twist.

The twist in the slot game occurs when a player presses the spin button and the reels not only spin once, as found in average slot machines, but five times in one go. In this game, the reel spin five times simultaneously without stopping. If a player hits a winning combination on one spin, this win is locked in until the remaining spins are completed, with the total winnings awarded at the end of the five spins.

Reel Symbols Explained

In the Lucky 5 Reeler slot game, players can find the typical card symbols on the reels like the ace, king, jack and queen, as well as other symbols which are known to be lucky. These include a black cat, the game’s logo, lady luck herself and of course, the four-leafed clover.

The game’s logo also acts as the wild symbol and follows the typical purpose of a wild in other Canadian online slots, and replace other reel symbols to form high-value symbol combinations.

Every high-value winning combination revealed on the reel comes with a unique sound effect. Spinning the reels is accompanied by jazz music, while trumpet noises catch a player’s ears when the right combination lands on the reels. Alongside these innovative sound effects, coins cascade down the screen in an animated fashion when winning combos line up across the reel.

The best reel symbol in the game is the Lucky Reeler logo, followed by the lady luck symbol. Next on the game’s pay table is the clover and the black cat. Smaller wins are made up by the traditional card symbols.

Pay Lines and Coin Bets

Although there are 10 pay lines on the Lucky 5 Reeler slot game, players can choose to either play all 10 of them or only five pay lines. The betting range in this game also comes with a plethora of options at Players of all bank balances and skills can choose a minimum stake of only two dollars per line or a maximum wager of 50 dollars per line.

Spin 50 Times in Autoplay Mode

Like other slot titles from this developer, the Lucky 5 Reeler slot game provides an auto play option for players. In auto play mode, players can spin the reels 50 times without having to retrigger the reel.

Another Unique Addition

Making the Lucky 5 Reeler slot game different from other slot titles of this kind is the fact that winning symbol combinations and corresponding pay-outs need not start on the first reel. In the Lucky 5 Reeler slot game, three matching reel symbols do not have to start on the far left hand side of the grid, but anywhere on the first three reels. Four of a kind winning combinations can start on any of the first two reels on the Lucky 5 Reeler slot game.