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Betfair Casino in Detail for Online Gamblers

Betfair Casino was originally founded in 1999 but only launched online in 2006. The casino is owned by The Sporting Exchange Limited and has been licensed by the Gambling Commission of the UK and the Gaming Authority of Malta. There have been over 3 million registered players to sign up to Betfair Casino since it was established online and has become known to have a solid fair and reputable reputation. Continue reading

Hole Carding In Various Casino Games

In many casino games a player is often forced to make decisions based on incomplete information. In Blackjack, for example, the dealer has one face down, and one face up card. The face down card is hidden information, and requires that the player place bets based on not knowing what that card is. This is by design, and part of what makes the games so fun and interesting.

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Everything You Need to Know About Casinos in Switzerland

Switzerland is not a country known for its casinos. Chocolate and skiing yes; but gambling no. In fact, gambling was illegal from 1921 all the up to 1993, and even then only limited stakes were allowed. This was only amended a few years later when unlimited stakes were allowed in certain venues. Today there are about nineteen casinos spread throughout the different cantons, which are like states in Switzerland.

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Take a Look at Barcrest Software’s Lucky 5 Reeler Slot

Creatively conceptualised and developed by UK-based Barcrest Software developers, the Lucky 5 Reeler slot game delivers all the in-game features, solid gameplay and standard setups associated with this developer, but with an added twist.

The twist in the slot game occurs when a player presses the spin button and the reels not only spin once, as found in average slot machines, but five times in one go. In this game, the reel spin five times simultaneously without stopping. If a player hits a winning combination on one spin, this win is locked in until the remaining spins are completed, with the total winnings awarded at the end of the five spins. Continue reading

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