Video Poker is a popular online casino game and is a combination of gaming and the excitement of playing Poker.  Video Poker is also known for its best return to player, which means it offers a great chance for players to win and make money.  By following top tips for video poker, winning and enjoying Video Poker is possible.

Types of Video Poker

There is a range of different types of Video Poker and one of the top tips for Video Poker is choosing a variation that players enjoy and that they understand and can master.  Jacks or Better is considered the standard version and the aim is to be dealt a pair of jacks or better to win.

Deuces Wild uses two’s as the wild card, which means they have the ability to replace other cards to make a winning hand.  The Double Bonus is similar to Jacks or Better, but the payout for being dealt four of a kind is much higher.  The Double Double Bonus has a higher payout than the Double Bonus as the payout increases if the other card in the four of a kind hand is a high card.

Another one of the top tips for Video Poker is to try playing Aces and Eights and this type of Video Poker is different from the normal version as the aces and eights have the higher payouts.  These are just a few of the more popular versions of Video Poker, there are many more variations available to play online.  Another one of the tops tips for Video Poker is to start with Jacks or Better and learn the basics of the game before trying out different variations.

Types of Video Poker

Different Poker Hands

One of the most important top tips for playing Video Poker is to understand how the different Poker hands work.

The Royal Flush is unbeatable and consists of 10 through to Ace with all of the cards being the same suit.  The Straight Flush is having a hand of five consecutive cards also of the same suit.  Four of a Kind is having four cards of the same value.

The Full House is a pair as well as three of a kind.  The Flush contains any five cards of the same suit while the Straight is five consecutive cards of different suits.  Three of a Kind is being dealt three cards, which are of the same value.  Two Pairs is two sets of pairs being dealt in one hand and happens quite often when playing Video Poker.  A pair is two cards of the same value.  With a pair the cards usually have to be a jack or higher to win.  Another one of the top tips for Video Poker is to become familiar with the rules for playing Video Poker as each version has different requirements.

Play Video Poker for Free

Comparing with real bets at the UFC betting sites, one of the best top tips for Video Poker is playing for free online as this allows players to play as if they were betting real money, but using demo credits.  This means players can make mistakes while learning and not lose any of their money.

There are many top tips for Video Poker available online and players can make use of these to not only enjoy playing Video Poker, but also to win extra cash.