While there are many that will know the film The Love Guru, most will remember it as being a rather bad movie, which is reflected in both the critical response to the film, as well as its financial flop at the box-office. Despite all this, iSoftBet decided to use the movie as a base for a slot game, and The Love Guru makes for a solid game in general. The slot is based directly off of the film, and therefore all imagery in the game will be instantly recognisable to any who have watched the film previously.

The Love Guru Layout

The first thing to look at is the layout of The Love Guru, and like other iSoftBet games, everything the player needs to proceed with the game can be found underneath all the reels. Here, players are given the choice of the amount they would like to bet, which is displayed as the bet per line. Additionally, players can choose the amount of paylines that are active for every spin, and these two betting options work together when calculating the total amount that is won during successful combinations.

Below these options, a small display shows the player how much in total is available to bet, as well as the amount being bet at any time, and the winnings made for that specific game session.

The Love Guru Gameplay

Once players have familiarised themselves with the layout of The Love Guru, they can move on to spinning the reels and hopefully racking up a few wins. The Love Guru features standard online slot gameplay, where the player uses the spin button to start the reels. Once the reels have come to a stop, any and all winnings are displayed through animations, and the total amount won is shown to the player. 30 paylines and 5 reels make up the main screen, and here players will find various symbols that are torn directly from The Love Guru.

Every symbol is different and contains a unique value, and these are the values are used when the game calculates how much the player has earned after every spin. This means that the amount per line, and the total value of a combination are added together, along with any multipliers that may have been triggered during the game. Symbols of a higher value consist of characters from the film itself, while numbers and letters make up the bulk of the rest of the symbols in The Love Guru.

The Love Guru Bonus Feature

Like many iPad based slot machines at https://mobilecasinocanada.org/ipad, the Love Guru contains one main bonus feature that players are able to trigger while they are playing the base game. Special Love Guru symbols are required, with at least 3 of them needed before the bonus feature can be started. From there, a small clip from the movie will be shown, and then players are given a choice of different boxes. Choosing a box will reveal an instant prize, which can be in the form of a cash prize, and a number of free spins. Furthermore, a multiplier can be added to the total winnings from the bonus feature, making this what the player will want to trigger the most.

The Love Guru Verdict

Whether you love or hate the movie, there is no denying that iSoftBet has created a solid game with enough bonus content to keep players happy. For those that hated the movie, the imagery might be off-putting.