Captain Cannons Circus of Cash may be a mouthful of a slot to say, but has the number of special features to back up the name. This slot is progressive, and has no less than eight separate bonus games. The slot plays out with the regular five reels and twenty five paylines. The wager amount is quite wide too, so this slot will appeal not only to the less serious players but the high rollers who want to wager as much as they can and win the progressive jackpot.

Graphics and Theme

The graphics in Captain Cannons Circus of Cash are all cartoon style, but very modern and well drawn. The circus theme lends itself well to cartoon style graphics, with dancing bears behind the reels and big red buttons that hammers fall down to hit. The slot is well animated, with winning symbols doing all sorts of exciting things. Background sounds sound like a petting zoo full of animals along with typical circus music. This is a very bright slot, with loads of primary colours off setting each other.

Circus Symbols

The symbols in Captain Cannons Circus of Cash are not all theme based, as some come from a deck of cards. These are done in a circus-style font and very bright colours. The rest of the symbols are what we would expect to find in an olden day circus; seals, lion tamers, knife throwers, bearded ladies and clowns. The lion is the games wild symbol and will replace all other symbols on the reels except for the bonus ones.

Captain Cannons Circus of Cash Bonus Games

There are no less than eight different bonus games that get launched when one of the red bonus buttons lights up under the reels. This happens randomly and luckily quite often.

The first is the Fire Breather who will come wandering onto your reels and convert between one and three of them completely to wilds.

Second is the Lion tamer who with a crack of her whip turns up to five symbols on random reels wild.

The Rampaging Elephant is third, and when he is done crashing through your reels and knocking symbols out of the way, you will find that they have been replaced with new, guaranteed winning ones.

Shaving the bearded lady is a game where you choose between two ladies and hope you pick the prettier of the two. Should you pick right, you win a cash prize.

The Strong Man Contest is another pick me round, where you choose one of three men. Should he be the strongest you win a cash prize.

In the Knife Thrower game you have to throw knives at balloons in order to win money or extra throws. You start with five free throws.

The Clown Car rocks up on your reels and deposits a random number of clowns. These clowns represent free spins or multipliers. When the clowns stop emerging then the free spins round begins.

Tight Rope Bear is a bear on a motorbike that has to ride along a tight rope. The further he gets the more money he wins.

The final bonus game is Captain Cannons Circus of Cash most lucrative. In this game our hero, Captain Cannons is fired out of his namesake and lands in a bucket of water. Along the way he picks up things that either make him faster or slower, and awards mobile bettingĀ prizes.