Baccarat, From Past to Present

Mobile online casino games baccarat offers are increasingly becoming more and more popular. This might seem unusual, as baccarat is not commonly identified as one of the big casino games. Novice players easily think of slot machines, poker, or blackjack when talking about casino games, but baccarat seems to be one of the games hidden in the depths of the casino world. It is hailed as being based on a baccarat game played in Italy in the fourteenth century, and the term ‘baccarat’ literally means zero in Italian. The game remained a very lucrative high stakes game in some casinos, and they were thus often kept out of sight, which may be another reason why baccarat is not as commonly known about nowadays.

Nonetheless, in the last decade or so baccarat has become increasingly popular again, and mobile online casino games baccarat offers are also widely available.

Quick Guide to Baccarat Basics

Playing mobile online casino games baccarat versions is simple and easy, and there are always only two players involved, the dealer and the actual player.

Cards are dealt to the dealer and the player and the main aim is achieve a hand with a total value closest to nine. Players simply bet on who they think will win, the player or the dealer, or if there will be a tie. The dealer then deals two cards to each.

There may be a third card issued, but this depends on the type of mobile online casino games baccarat that is played. While Punto banco, the American baccarat, is the most popular in online casinos and casinos worldwide, with the simplest and most pre-set rules, there are also other versions of baccarat available. Players may also choose between Baccarat en Banque and Chemin de Fer, the more historical versions of the game, or Mini Baccarat, which is a simpler version of baccarat with lower stakes.

Baccarat Scoring System

The aim of mobile online casino games baccarat versions, as said, is to achieve a hand value closest to nine. Cards two through nine are taken at face value, face cards have a value of zero, and aces are valued at eleven. The total of the cards held in hand is calculated, and the tens figure subtracted, which the automatic software in online baccarat will do. If the player has a hand value of eight or nine, while holding only two cards, this is an automatic win. If the hand value is zero, this is termed baccarat, and the player loses. As said, the dealing of the third card is dependent on the type of baccarat that is being played.

If the game is Punto banco, the most popular form of baccarat, the dealing of the third card is pre-set. If a player has a hand value of between zero and five, a third card is drawn. If the player has a hand value of six or seven, a third card is not drawn. And if the hand value is eight or nine, then, as mentioned, this is already a win. In the other types of baccarat, the drawing of the third card is up to the player, and at the player’s own discretion, making these versions a little more complex.

Regardless of which style of baccarat is played, the online game is bound to be plenty of fun and very rewarding.