Video poker is one of the worlds most played casino games and its low house edge and element of skill makes it incredibly appealing. The first video poker terminals began appearing in Las Vegas casinos in the 1970’s and within a few short years players had discovered the gaming against an electronic dealer was often far preferable to being at the table. Less pressured and with no intimidation factor, video poker offered the ideal alternative for new players or those who were finding facing the dealer and other competitors a tough task.

IGT was responsible for creating the first major player in the game, a video poker machine called Draw Poker. This was a huge hit and firmly cemented the ongoing popularity of this game for years to come. Less intimidating, faster-paced and often more rewarding than the table game of poker, video poker made the very successful transition to the online environment in the 1990’s and now, mobile video poker is enthralling players across the globe.

Mobile Video Poker Variants

Although Draw Poker was the first version of this game to really take off, mobile video poker players seem to prefer Jacks or Better and this variant is a favourite with online and smartphone and tablet users.  Variants of Jacks or Better as well as Deuces Wild, Double Bonus Poker and Joker Poker are increasingly being enjoyed on the go, and mobile video poker makes it possible for players to enjoy a quick game whenever and wherever they desire.

Generally mobile video poker games require a modicum of skill and strategy and the free or demo versions allow you to practice at your own pace. Once you are confident in your ability and feel that your skills are up to scratch, you can make a deposit and play real money mobile video poker on the move.

The Best Mobile Video Poker Entertainment

The web’s leading online casinos software developers have been responsible for creating mobile video poker games that are optimised especially for enjoyment on the move. As the game is relatively simple the navigation has not needed much paring down, and every game is a realistic version of the original console style, only with added enhancements.

Touch screen smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone or iPad have made mobile video poker even more interactive and enjoyable and games have been designed to run smoothly on just about every platform. Learning how to play mobile video poker is easy and players can get in on the action whenever they have a few minutes to spare.

Fast-Paced Mobile Video Poker Fun

Video poker is based on a 5 card draw game and the aim is to get the best hand possible. Multi-deck and multi-hand mobile video poker games can be enjoyed, and if you are feeling particularly lucky or skilful you can even try out a progressive game.

With so many different options available for video poker fans and mobile devices offering the ideal portable, versatile platform, it’s easy to see why players love this exciting form of card-based entertainment right here.