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Hole Carding In Various Casino Games

In many casino games a player is often forced to make decisions based on incomplete information. In Blackjack, for example, the dealer has one face down, and one face up card. The face down card is hidden information, and requires that the player place bets based on not knowing what that card is. This is by design, and part of what makes the games so fun and interesting.

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Play App Casino Options

At Play App casinos, all mobile players can enjoy the games of their liking, directly from the screen of their mobile device. The games at the various Play App casinos have been specifically optimized for a whole range of mobile devices. As such, whether you make use of an iPhone or iPad, or any device using the Android operating system, or even a Windows phone for that matter, you should be able to find a whole range of games to suit your personal tastes. Continue reading

Mobile Poker Optimised for Play on Tablets

Poker is possibly one of the biggest casino games around, and it is enjoyed in land-based casinos, online, and on mobile devices. Indeed, mobile poker games on tablet or other mobile devices have become enormously popular due to the conveniences of portability and flexibility with regards to playing locations and playing times. With mobile poker, there really is no limit as to where and when one can indulge in this game. Continue reading

Casino Play Online In The Philippines

Philippines casino play online is now available for Poker, Black Jack, Baccarat, Roulette and more. The Philippines is the only country in Asia that offers casino licences so you know that any casino that operates with the PAGCOR seal of approval is completely above board.

Philippines casino play online is a great way to have a fun, simple and secure gaming experience. You get free games and private and secure gaming transactions in a fully licenced and legal environment. Continue reading

An Overview of Zuma Online Slots

Zuma is an online slots game that finds its inspiration in a classic puzzle game of the same name. A jungle and stone background complements the symbols and sound effects effectively.  With a more simplistic general layout than perhaps other slots games, Zuma still provides everything needed to play comfortably.

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IGT’S Wolf Themed Wild Wolf Slot Review

Join these majestic animals on the reels in this IGT slot game called Wild Wolf. This follows an adventure alongside a pack of wolves in the wild as they live and survive in their harsh conditions. On the reels this slot is laid out well, with a decent collection of thematic content done in an enjoyable graphical way. The tone of the slot is relatively light, with the overall style taking on more of an adventure than a thriller.

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